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2012: A Note from SPD President Neil Jamieson

2012: A Note from SPD President Neil Jamieson

llustration for SPD by SHOUT

2012: The year the designer got busy....really busy! 

Ah the year-end wrap up...the final word on the year that was. The note that summarizes where we've been as a society and where we're headed...Well I can certainly talk about the "where we've been" part...but as for "where we're headed"? Well I don't know about you guys but I'm headed to the holiday party on Thursday night and will take it from there!

2012 was a complicated year for our community, it was one of great opportunity both digitally and in print. We saw some extraordinary redesigns and mile-stone editions, we welcomed back Best Life, saw the biggest ever issue of InStyle, the return (in part) of lux ad dollars and the launch issue of Howler magazine (okay that last one was for me!). Sadly this year though we also saw Newsweek go all digital and Newscorp's great digital experiment The Daily just...go. 

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