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The 20 Greatest Christmas Magazine Covers of All Time

The 20 Greatest Christmas Magazine Covers of All Time

A few months ago, Fortune Associate Art Director Linda Rubes suggested that we collaborate on an online posting that collected the best Christmas magazine covers of all time. She was inspired by looking through archives of classic Fortune covers of the 30s, when every December issue was a brilliant celebration of the holiday spirit. We dug through online archives and collections, bought magazines on eBay, solicited contributions from friends and colleagues, dug deep into our personal archives, and even contacted publishers directly for images (thanks Ms. magazine!). The final result, The 20 Greatest Christmas Magazine Covers of All Time, is now on display at the Mediaite site. The covers range from funny to provocative, beautiful and sensitive to in-your-face, and include examples from Fortune, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Jet, Playboy, GQ, and many more. They're all cool, and all a graphic reminder that magazine-making can be about making statements and connecting with readers on a personal, emotional level.

We found so many great Xmas covers that we added a second batch of 20 here. And if you've got any that you think we overlooked, we'd be glad to do an update.

We've got some nifty samples on the next page to brighten your holidays...


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