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March Madness!

March Madness!

It's March Madness time, the NCAA college basketball tournament that obsesses so much of the working world with bracket-mania. For the past seven years, Sports Illustrated has produced a brilliantly fun, crazy quilt collaged cover previewing the tournament, and featuring photographs of one player from all the teams scheduled to appear. This year they've expanded to include the women's tournament as well, and the latest cover, pictured above, marks the first by design director Chris Hercik. This is a flat-out great cover, a classic example of magazine-making at its highest level. The Sports Illustrated March Madness cover engages its readers, expanding the concept of the cover into a captivating, interactive experience. And the technical achievement is mind-boggling as well.

On the turn page we've got a collection of all the previous Sports Illustrated March Madness covers, plus as a special bonus, another brilliant visual take on the tournament, a series of wacky 3-D bracket illustrations by Joe Zeff and Ed Gabel, created for design director Siung Tjia at ESPN magazine.

(Above): The March 2010 NCAA Tournament Preview issue of Sports Illustrated. Design director: Chris Hercik. Art director: Ed Truscio.

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