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Rolling Stone and the Art of the Record Review

Rolling Stone and the Art of the Record Review

For longer than most of its readers have been alive, Rolling Stone has been an essential showcase for illustrators and illustration. Although the features, political columns, and covers have all been great venues for art, it's the opening record reviews page that has been the longest continuous showcase for a wonderful fusion of rock 'n' roll and illustration. Over the years, the huge talents of the Rolling Stone art department have highlighted an amazing array of talent in that space.

The Society of Illustrators is gathering a historical collection of images, for a new exhibit, Rolling Stone and the Art of the Record Review, on display from September 1-October 22, 2011, at the Society museum, 128 E. 63rd St. in Manhattan. The show will feature over 80 original illustrations from the record review section of Rolling Stone, spanning four decades of work. The opening reception is Friday, September 9 at 6.30pm.

There are a number of events scheduled along with the show, including Illustrator as Designer, a panel discussion with John Hendrix, Chris SIlas Neal and Jennifer Daniel, on October 1, and An Evening with Rolling Stone Senior Art Director Steven Charny, on October 5.

On the turn page, we've got a small selection of some of the brilliant pieces that will be on display.

(Above): Illustration of Wyclef Jean by Edel Rodriguez, August 3, 2000.

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