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Babylon Falling: A website of progressive graphic inspiration

Babylon Falling: A website of progressive graphic inspiration

Babylon Falling is a great visual blog/website filled with scans of 60s graphic imagery, flavored by an emphasis on magazines and newspapers and the left-wing politics of the era. Site founder Sean Stewart has packed the site with Ramparts magazine covers, Black Panther Party newspaper pages, political posters, underground comics, book covers, photographs, and lots of cool ads from publications of the period. There's a heavy emphasis on Bay Area 60s left-wing politics, not surprising since Stewart lives out there and ran what he called "the 'anti-revolutionary bookstore' revolutionary bookstore" (Stewart also posts LP covers, photos, and ads from his other great love, hip hop music). 

The site was originally the website for the Babylon Falling bookstore that operated from 2007-2009. When the store closed earlier this year, Stewart started posting images from his personal collection on the site. Fans of 60s music, culture and progressive politics will love Babylon Falling and the cool, progressive curative sensibility that Stewart brings to it. We love it because it's one of the best and most fun websites around. (The cover of Scanlan's above is from August 1970, illustration by R. Crumb.)

We talked with Sean Stewart and asked him to share some of his personal favorites from Babylon Falling.

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