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Joe Zeff: A Paper to Pixels Postscript

Joe Zeff: A Paper to Pixels Postscript

Illustrator/art director/smart guy Joe Zeff was one of the panelists on the recent SPD Paper to Pixels v2 iPad speaker evening. He passed along the following note he wrote in response to an email from a photo editor who attended the panel discussion:

Joe Zeff: I received an e-mail today from a photo editor who attended "Paper to Pixels v2," a panel discussion on tablet apps presented last week by the Society of Publication Designers. l was among five designers who addressed a packed house on the promise and perils of publishing to the iPad and other tablets. The photo editor sought advice: how to realign his career to best position himself for the opportunities ahead. My response, as it may benefit others who are considering similar questions:


Thanks for your note, and your kind words about my presentation. You are wise to begin researching ways to break into the new world of multimedia tablets, as they represent the future of our industry. It's still extremely early in the development cycle, and it will likely be another year or two before tablets become commonplace. By then the players will be firmly entrenched, and the winners and losers will be apparent to all.


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