Senior iOS Engineer

  • Job Description:
    L+R is looking for a senior iOS engineer to join the team in pioneering the next wave of creative technology products. If you're hungry to learn and challenge yourself in developing top-quality products with a fun and ambitious team, then L+R may be for you. The ideal candidate is an all-around iOS engineer - someone who is looking to both lead a growing engineering team as well as manage themselves across the entire iOS development process (Strategy > Technical Analysis > MVP functionality > Market Candidate Release > V1+ Improvements) within the ecosystem of native iOS experiences. If you're interested, give us a shout!
  • City: Brooklyn
  • About Our Company: L+R is a Brooklyn-based design research & development firm focused on user experience and creative technology.
  • Company: Levin & Riegner
  • Contact
  • Contact Name: Levin & Riegner
  • How to Apply: To apply to this job, send us products you’ve built and your resume to
  • Job Requirements: Requirements and skills needed: - Able to self lead and manage - Experience building both frontend and backend for iOS apps - Experience working with external frameworks and libraries - Experience with agile workflows - Must be creative, productive, and efficient - Able to send us live examples of iOS products you’ve built - Excited to lead iOS engineering alongside a design-minded team To apply to this job, send us products you’ve built and your resume to
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