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Sample Post

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Job Title: Assistant Photo Editor

Job Description: Inside Life Magazine has an immediate opening for an Assistant Photo Editor with at least three years of experience at a lifestyle magazine. Under the direction of the Photo Director, the Assistant Photo Editor will perform photo research; ensure accurate photo credits, and process invoices. Hours are flexible, in terms of, sometimes you will get more sleep at night than other times.

Company: Big Time Publishers

Benefits: 401k matching contribution, health & dental, our cafeteria, gym membership

Duration: part-time

Location: Big Orange, NY

Requirements: The ideal candidate will be highly motivated, have relationships with Stock Agencies, and should have knowledge of many different areas of photography, including portraiture, still life and lifestyle. The job involves brainstorming creative ideas and acquiring and editing photos. We are seeking someone highly organized with strong follow-through and communication skills that enjoys working with a team. Bachelor's Degree (preferably in arts or other photo-related background); three years photo-editing experience at a print publication. The successful candidate will have advanced InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark, GoLive, PictBridge, MasterLock, and TiVo skills.

About Our Company: Please use this field to provide a description of your company for potential applicants. Be sure to include any

Contact Name: Starr Rhee Knight

Contact Email:

Contact Address: We chose to leave this field blank. If you don't know where we are already, you're clearly not ready to work here.

How to Apply:  Please send cover letter, salary requirements and resumé as a pdf attachement of no more than 2 sheets to the contact e-mail above. Submissions embedded into the body of the e-mail, delivered via websites or YouTube, or mailed as if this were still 1988, will be shredded upon receipt. Thanks and good luck!

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