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One Foot in the Gutter...

One Foot in the Gutter...

...and the other on the lanes! Winter is retreating, daffodils are peeking up and fashion week is finally almost over. The time has come to be leave our computer stations, office Nerf wars and gray cubicled confines and take our business to a new arena: to the former commuter purgatory, to the home of Invisible Jesus, to the Newly Renovated Port Authority©.

Tonight is the official opening of the New York All-Media Bowling League's 4th season. While last year, yours truly (H-Bomb) and the Best Life team had the honour and privilege to be sponsored by Altoids, (and the pride / horror of wearing "Curiously Strong" on your back sides was fodder for many jokes to come) this year is understandably a little leaner...I think the grand prize is a handle of Jack Daniels. But no worries! There will be spirited competition, laneside massages, expert bowling shirt design, BenGay distribution, and morning youtubing forever ingrained on the interwebs.

Stay tuned and see how your colleagues show the old salty dogs at Port Authority what happens when 3 ft. beer towers meet the Muscle of the Media.

Schedule and a few images from last year after the jump.
Bring your nacho money.
Bring your copy editors for trivia.
Bring your Purell.
Bring it! /// HJ

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