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Premiere Issues

Premiere Issues

Premiere Issues, Archive of Magazine Firsts, is a smart, simple, well-designed website featuring the covers of over 200 debut issues of magazines, ranging from Communication Arts to Ray Gun to Good, with many lesser-known publications as well. The brainchild of designer Danielle Huthart, the site was launched in 2002 and has been consistently updated and upgraded since. In addition to covers, there are credits and mission statements for each magazine. Huthart, who lives and works in Hong Kong at Whitespace studio, describes her motivation in starting the site: "I had already amassed a collection of first issues, and I thought it would be fun to share these with others. I love documenting and clearly I love communication and design. The site is my tribute to all the hard work and energy that goes into the creation of a magazine."

Premiere Issues is not only informative and great fun, it offers a perfect template for a way to expand print publications to the web, building community and collaboration at the same time.

We asked Huthart to share her top 10 premiere issues for SPD.


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