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Are You With Us?

Are You With Us?

As you may have noticed, we're gearing up for PUB51. And while the competition is open to anyone, SPD Members get a HUGE discount on entry fees (not to mention a free copy of the annual itself amongst other things). 

So if you're not currently a member, now is an awesome time to join! And if you can't remember what your membership status is, it's easy to find out: we've just implemented a new membership system, so you can log in and see your membership status and history at anytime. 

If you've EVER had a member account with us:
You should've gotten an email from us recently with a link to reset your password. Regardless, you can reset your password here.
PLEASE NOTE:  ALL accounts must reset their password, your old one won't work. 

If you've never had a membership:
Then you can start fresh by signing up here!

Questions? Email us.

Like our fun animated GIF? Michael Brandon Meyers made it for us. But you could make one for us too! Email us at for more details.

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