WIRED CD Scott Dadich is now Condé Nast's new Executive Director, Digital Magazine Development

After many big changes at Condé Nast in the past several weeks (Florio, Carey, Gourmet back from the vault, The New Yorker going to the iPad, etc.), news today of one more: Scott Dadich, Wired's Creative Director, is taking on a new role at the company as Executive Director, Digital Magazine Development. Memo from Condé's Editorial Director Tom Wallace explaining the newly-created gig after the jump...

For the past year, when he wasn't designing Wired -- and winning his third consecutive National Magazine design award -- Scott Dadich has been developing a digital version of Wired. The first issue, launched on the iPad earlier this month, has been a critical and commercial success, selling more than 96,000 copies. His imagination and mastery of Adobe technology make him an ideal resource  for magazines working through the design and work-flow issues of digital development. Scott, while he will remain Wired's Creative Director,  will also take on the new position of Executive Director, Digital Magazine Development, and will be spending more time New York. He  will work closely with both Rick Levine and Alex McDonald to accelerate the effort to bring digital technology to all our magazines. He is a fine editor and will be a great resource at this critical moment. Please copy this memo to as many on your staff as you think appropriate.

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