New Hires at People Magazine

People Magazine DD Andrea Dunham sends along some (some! -- Ed.) news about new additions and promotions in the design department for the Time Inc. weekly:
Dean Markadakis formerly of Fast Company, and David Schlow, recently the AD at People, have both been deposited into the newly shared Deputy Design Director spot. Victor Thompson, talented hired gun, has landed a coveted Deputy Art Director spot. Nicole Mazur, formerly of Women's Day, joined the staff in October as Associate Art Director. Keir Novesky, has been promoted from Designer to Assistant Art Director. Chelsea Cartabiano, former Junior Designer of Women's Health rounds off the list as People's newest Designer, a title she shares with Tracy Whang. Lastly the newly created position of Art Production Director goes to... Georgine Panko, formerly of just about every big title out there. Let the rock show begin!

If you've got news or tips about job changes and promotions, send them to us! e-mail to (The tip jar can be as anonymous as you need it to be.)

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