New DD at Billboard

Change happened quickly today at Billboard. After 3+ award-winning years at the music industry Bible, Andrew Horton announced on Facebook that he had been informed that today was his last at Billboard, calling it his "longest stretch at a publication yet, met some great people. Also Justin Bieber."

Later in the afternoon, on Twitter, Janice Min, Chief Creative Officer for The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard, announced that Rob Hewitt, former DD of Conde Nast Traveler was taking over as DD at Billboard.

The change comes after several moves at the two trade publications. Min was quoted as saying that the future of Billboard is in the visuals: "Music is one of the most powerful mediums around," she said. "Billboard, because of its charts and coverage, has the credibility and authority to access great stories and the people who are making news. It's the music industry after all -- we should be able to have some fun with that."

Working under former editor, Bill Werde, Horton recently debuted a complete cross platform redesign to the 118 year old brand. 

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