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A (Live) Infograph Worth a Thousand Words

A (Live) Infograph Worth a Thousand Words

Noticed that at the all morning they were featuring a live streaming infograph of the Dow Jones Industrial Average in a prominent spot usually reserved for journalistic photography. As an image alone, I think it might just capture a bit of the anxiety (and some reflief) we've experienced over the past few days.

Just In Case You Missed It

Just In Case You Missed It

A few things we haven't blogged about (yet), but have been on our minds:

Lots of chatter about Esquire's 75th anniversary issue, from the E-Ink cover to the inside packages.

Imitiation is the sincerest form of flattery? More chatter about the newly relaunched, "purely coincidental" LA Times Magazine.

Annie Leibovitz on four of her most memorable shots from Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair.

Google's making plans to re-publish 244 years of newspaper articles, where the archives are free and, most importantly in this realm of the world, presented in the same way they originally appeared in print.

New reads: Singular Magazine, for singles in Los Angeles, launched September 9th in the City of Angels; Parade HealthyStyle, a spin-off, healthy-style, of Parade, launching September 17th; and Food Network Magazine, a collaboration between Hearst and the Food Network, scheduled to premiere October 14th.

Now, just for fun, test your color IQ.

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