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Classic Art Department Mastheads: First in a Series

Classic Art Department Mastheads: First in a Series

We're not only fans of old magazines, we're fans of old magazine mastheads. On a recent search through the Google collection of digitized magazines, we came across the July 1994 issue of Spy, which featured a great collection of folks on the art department masthead. This inspired the first of what we hope is an ongoing series of looks back at classic art departments. Thanks to everyone from the Spy crew who contributed memories (see follow page).

Magazine: Spy, July 1994
Robert George: design director
Amid Capeci: art director
Elisabeth Sinsabaugh: photo editor
Edel Rodriguez: production assistant
Jennifer Lipshy: photo intern

Amy B. Conway: copy editor

See a great slideshow of covers and inside pages from Spy here.

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