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Duffy: Photo Shoot or Video Shoot?

Duffy: Photo Shoot or Video Shoot?

As previously discussed on, the lines between photo shoots and videos shoots are blurring more and more. iheartradio had Duffy down to perform for an intimate audience last week. Instead of shooting with our standard HD video cameras, we took the opportunity to shoot our pre-show interview with the Canon 5D Mark II with a macro lens to give a soft, cinematic feel to the interview.

Duffy, photographed on November 3rd for iheartradio by Chris Owyoung
creative director: Josh Klenert, photo editor: Anna Dickson, assistant photo editor: Shelby Case

We set the camera to a very low iso for maximum depth of field, and used Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM Lens with wide open aperture. The main camera was about 2-3 feet from Duffy, who was lit with a large ring light out kino flo lights. 

Watch our highlight package after the jump...
(Make sure you watch the video in full 1080p glory)


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