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A Photo Editor Remembers The Village Voice

A Photo Editor Remembers The Village Voice

By Meg Handler

This week, the The Village Voice will cease publication of its print edition. [Editor's note: The final print issue of The Voice will publish on Wednesday, September 20.]  For so many of us who still work (or don't work) in the media, this news felt like a punch in the gut. While the website will remain, it will never be the same as the paper itself. There's something about opening a newspaper and seeing your picture in there for the first time. This was the dream of so many, including myself.

There was a very specific aesthetic to the photographs in the paper. Having been inspired by the great documentary photographers of the 1960s, that was my aesthetic too. The black border around the photographs was considered a "Village Voice" look, the writer/photographer teams, like Guy Trebay and staff photographer  Sylvia Plachy, and nightlife columnist Michael Musto and photographer  Catherine McGann. The clean page design, the equal weight of words and images on feature pages, also gave the paper a unique look. The mission of the paper and its left-leaning nature, was also inspiring to me.


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