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In The Mood For Votin'

In The Mood For Votin'

As the N.Y. Times aptly put it yesterday, after almost a "Year Of Sitting On The Edge of Our Seats" I thought I'd post a bit of a tension release on the eve of the big day. On the jump are a few selections from the Society of Illustrators exhibition recently curated by Edel Rodriguez. The show included some of the best illustration published over this fiery political year by artists Tom Bachtell, Steve Brodner, Philip Burke, Joe Ciardiello, Thomas Fluharty, Drew Friedman, Robert Grossman, Victor Juhasz, Tim O'Brien, Roberto Parada, Hanoch PivenFelix Sockwell and Brian Stauffer. Enjoy.

In addition, if you're like me and have been completely embarrassed by the archaic design of your polling place the past elections, take a picture of it: The N.Y. Times and Design Observer are promoting a project asking voters to document their polling experiences across the country, information is here and here.

The above thumbnail is a selection from AIGA's Get Out the Vote 2008, on view until the end of the week in NYC.

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