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Trade magazine art directors talk about Ready-Media

Trade magazine art directors talk about Ready-Media

The recent launch of Roger Black and friends' new project, Ready-Media, created a storm of controversy within the publication design community. The post about the project that ran on the SPD site garnered almost 80 comments, from some of the top publication designers in the field. Many of the comments were highly critical of the project's concept to create out-of-the-box newspaper and magazine templates that require the users to "just add content." 

A good amount of the comments, both pro and con, centered on Ready-Media's potential impact on trade and business-to-business (B2B) magazines. We asked four art directors with extensive experience in the trade and B2B area to share their opinions on this controversy. Here are comments from art directors Francesca Messina, Don Morris, Mitch Shostak, and Florian Bachleda.

Trade magazines above: HQ (Francesca Messina), Snap (Mitch Shostak), Government Executive (Don Morris), What Matters (Florian Bachleda).


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