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The Atlantic's Redesign

The Atlantic's Redesign

The Atlantic has had eight redesigns in its 151 years. James Bennet writes in his editor's note, that the November issue's new design is, "...the eighth effort to harmonize The Atlantic's style with its substance and the timbre of the times."

The design was done by Pentagram and in that same issue Michael Bierut's article A Question of Balance describes the magazine's new look.
MORE's Redesign: A Q&A's Redesign: A Q&A recently launched a new home page design. Soon after it went live, I got in touch with the site's design director Sean Villafranca and Shivani York, their director of product development. Sean and Shivani are both former colleagues who spent several years working together at In this Q&A, they take us through some of the significant changes made to the site and explain the process they went through.


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