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Pentagram's Adweek relaunch

Pentagram's Adweek relaunch

Pentagram has just posted Luke Hayman's smart and authoritative redesign of the advertising trade magazine, Adweek...

Pentagram's design for the new Adweek captures the fantastic energy of these changes in advertising. Like the new editorial tone, the design is punchy, entertaining and authoritative, inspired by the spirit of the magazine's 1980s heyday and intended to set Adweek apart from Advertising Age, its main competitor. The designers worked closely with managing editor Hillary Frey, Executive Editor James Cooper and Digital Editor Nicholas Eckhart. The design of the magazine will be carried forth by Creative Director Nick Mrozowski. The website is also being relaunched with a new design by Area 17.

Read the full post and see more pages from the redesign here.


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