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Fairchild Fashion Media:

Fairchild Fashion Media: "Smart, chic, and all business"

The Fairchild Fashion Media magazine group, the collection of fashion trade magazines published by Conde Nast, has undergone a major metamorphosis, thanks to creative director Nancy Butkus and editorial director Peter Kaplan. Butkus took over the creative helm of the group in October 2010, soon after Kaplan started. She has since led the redesign of five magazines as well as the relaunch of WWD. Butkus describes the look of the magazines as "smart, chic, and all business." It's the third collaboration for Butkus and Kaplan, who worked together at Manhattan Inc. in the 1980s and at The New York Observer in the 2000s.

All of the Fairchild Fashion Media magazines are oversized, 10" x 12" and have varying publication frequencies. Beauty Inc was relaunched in February, targeted to the cosmetics and fragrance industry. Menswear, launched in 2010, is a hybrid called B to C (Business to Consumer) and is sold on newsstands. It features industry insider news, fashion and style features, interviews and profiles. FN, formerly called Footwear News, is weekly, and was relaunched over the summer. The new design of WWD debuted in January, with two new sections, Style, which appears daily, and Men'sweek, which appears every Thursday.

(Above): FN, August 22, 2011. Photograph: Brian Klutch, art director: Elizabeth Slott.

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