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Taking A Look at the Prevention Redesign

Taking A Look at the Prevention Redesign

Rodale's Prevention is a digest-sized magazine with an outsize audience, an average of over 10 million readers per issue. Design Director Cass Spencer shares some of the background on his team's redesign of the health and lifestyle magazine aimed at women readers over 35:
Six months after the launch of the Prevention redesign, our creative team is excited to share some brief insights into our new look and the paths we took to get here.

Rebranding the over 60-year-old Rodale flagship was a task not to be taken lightly. Our readers have a passion for health and wellness. They are active and involved. We needed to create a feeling of community in the magazine that would be at once inspirational but obtainable, fun but also serious. Also, we needed to do this for an audience that is more media savvy, digitally interactive and discerning about how they obtain and process information than any generation of readers before.

Okay sounds good, right? But how do you do all this with in-depth health content, on a digest-size page, while maintaining authority and not looking like a text book?

Here are the highlights:

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