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A New Look for British Airways' High Life Magazine

A New Look for British Airways' High Life Magazine

While you're waiting for that flight to take off, have a look in your seat back pocket. Some great new work is being done at the inflight magazines of airlines around the world. 

British Airways has recently relaunched their inflight magazine High Life with a brand new look. Creative Director Stuart Purcell of Cedar Communications, along with Editorial Director Mark Jones developed the vision for the relaunch of the nearly 40 year old title - one of the longest running inflight titles in the industry.

"The new design reflects a very British sense of irreverence, wit and attitude" says Purcell, "We wanted British Airways' High Life magazine to speak to the new breed of 21st century traveller - the mobile tribe for whom global inside knowledge is currency."

Here's a preview of the new High Life... 

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