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Roger Black's Redesign of the Hong Kong Tattler

Roger Black's Redesign of the Hong Kong Tattler

Here are some of the highlights from the recent Roger Black-directed redesign of Hong Kong Tattler, a luxury, style, and lifestyle magazine. As group creative director of Edipresse Media in Hong Kong, Roger launched this redesign in March, and will carry it through seven other Tattler editions across Asia in the near future.

For more on Hong Tattler and the redesign, check out this nifty video. For the redesign Roger turned to Font Bureau and type designer David Jonathan Ross to revive a classic typeface, Forma, which was originally created in the mid-1960s by a team led by Aldo Novarese. The Font Bureau blog has a detailed (and properly obsessive) background story on the creation of the new font. It's a great look at the revival and redesign of a classic typeface and how it was developed.

Complete digital copies of Hong Kong Tattler can be downloaded via Magzter.

(Above): Photograph by Sean Lee-Davies

On the turn page we've got a slideshow of other pages from the Hong Kong Tattler redesign.


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