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Two British Heavy Hitters Combine Talents for the New Christie's Magazine

Two British Heavy Hitters Combine Talents for the New Christie's Magazine

By Steven Gregor, Founder, Gym Class Magazine

When news broke David McKendrick (creative director, British Esquire) and Lee Belcher (art director, Wallpaper) had both handed in their notice with the intention of starting their own design consultancy... Gym Class HQ was abuzz with excitement. This was big news! What had they planned? What work would they be doing?
Seriously, these guys are big hitters. Together, David and Lee have over 25 years experience. During this time they've collaborated with many of the world's leading photographers, designers, artists, architects, filmmakers and printers.
Less than six months have passed and the duo - going by the name B.A.M, short for Belcher And McKendrick - have already presented two products... the Autumn/Winter edition of British Esquire's Big Black Book and, most recently, their first issue of a re-vamped six-times-a-year magazine for Christie's auction house.
The Christie's magazine landed on the door step of Gym Class HQ last weekend. So we thought it about time for a catch-up with B.A.M. creative director David McKendrick.

Hey David, congrats on the Christie's magazine. Lush design, certainly. But, seriously, the production value is off the chain. How long were you working on the issue (was it a redesign, too?)... and talk me through the process of making such a wonderfully tactile and collectable publication.
Thank you. To be honest it's not that complicated a production. We tried to be clever with materials and processes and avoid tricksy paper changes. A combination of clever solutions has resulted in what appears to be quite a lavish product. So believe it or not, with an informed approach, it was relatively inexpensive. 
We worked on the issue for six full-on weeks, which included commissioning all the photography and content. And, yes, it was a complete redesign.


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