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Redesigning Foreign Policy

Redesigning Foreign Policy

The team from Foreign Policy continues to wow us with their innovative covers and approach to the modern news magazine.   Recently the team in Washington, D.C., lead by Creative Director Lindsay Ballant with the help of designer Margaret Swart revamped the magazine to better reflect its new direction.   Lindsay fills us in and gives us a peek into the creation of the new design...

Screenshot 2015-03-05 23.18.32.png

Foreign Policy, a magazine devoted to news, politics, and ideas, hasn't had a proper redesign since 2000, when it moved from a journal format to a glossy news magazine. With this in mind, over the summer of 2014 a small group of editors and art directors concepted a new vision for the magazine, which, while keeping the highest quality of journalism throughout the years, had since lost its identity and needed to redefine its core. Our mission: what does Foreign Policy of the future look like?

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