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Remembering Art Director Frank Zachary, by Norman Hotz

Remembering Art Director Frank Zachary, by Norman Hotz

[Editor's Note]: Legendary magazine editor and art director Frank Zachary passed away on June 12 at the age of 101. Zachary was the art director, photography director, and managing editor of Holiday, the beautiful, stylish 1950s-early 60s travel magazine. He later worked as art director of Travel & Leisure and editor of Town and Country. In 1987 Zachary was honored with the SPD Herb Lubalin Award "to acknowledge continuing excellence in publication design."

Zachary's deputy art director in the early 1970s at
Travel & Leisure was Norman Hotz. After a year at the magazine, Zachary left to become editor of Town and Country, and Hotz took over as art director. Hotz's award-winning stint at T&L was followed by a distinguised career redesigning and art directing numerous other magazines, and he continues as a consulting art director for cartoons at Reader's Digest

Hotz shared with SPD his memories of working with Zachary at
Travel & Leisure. We also have a never-before collected set of all 10 of Zachary's Travel & Leisure covers.

This is the first part of a two-part remembrance by Hotz of his years at
T&L. Stay tuned for part two in the near future. The interviews with Hotz were compiled and edited by Linda Rubes.

(Above): Travel & Leisure, June-July 1971. Art director: Frank Zachary, illustration: George Giusti.

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