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GINA BARNETT: Questions, Anyone?

GINA BARNETT: Questions, Anyone?

We hope we'll see you this Thursday night at Gina Barnett's Speakeasy at the Helen Mills Theatre. We've blogged, we've probed, and we've e-mail blasted. So log out, swipe your Metrocard and join us for an insightful evening that will get you thinking about how to navigate not just your current job, but maybe even the rest of your career.

I've tried to get the ball rolling by asking Gina some questions, and had a few more things that I'm hoping might come up on Thursday, as well...



No matter how talented we are, at some point, we all experience that "writing on the wall" moment, when we  know that it's time to move on. Maybe it's downsizing, or a new editorial direction-or whatever-but it's something no one's immune to, especially not these days...

Part of Gina Barnett's role as a communications consultant is to help people deal with transitions. But more importantly, it's to encourage people to not cling too tightly to their own definitions of their jobs--or perceived roles. It's something Gina will be touching on at her SPD Speakeasy on March 25th at the Helen Mills Theatre. I asked her a few questions in preparation for this:… MORE


Teaching presentation skills is actually a small part of Gina Barnett's practice. Most of her work is devoted to leadership presence and communication excellence. Gina works with a wide range of executives to identify their communication strengths and areas for growth. She helps them to recognize the unconscious habits that get in the way of their objectives, or that prevent them from building effective relationships.

But part of what Gina initially worked on with us at SpotCo was helping us hone our presentation skills. And with that in mind, I've asked her a few questions whose answers might prove useful to you, too:… MORE

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