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1000 Time Covers: Thinking Inside the (Red) Box

1000 Time Covers: Thinking Inside the (Red) Box

On Wednesday, October 27, Time art director Arthur Hochstein will be talking at an SPD Speakeasy about his greatest hits, favorite never-seens, and all the in-betweens that went into making over 1000 covers of the magazine. Longtime collaborator, artist Matt Mahurin, will introduce the night, and you'll walk away with a better sense of the secrets behind making a mass-market cover jump out from a crowded newsstand, and the power of the page. Don't miss out on this memorable evening; tickets are going fast! RSVP and buy your tickets here.

Paper to Pixels v2: Lessons from Last Night

Paper to Pixels v2: Lessons from Last Night

In what is hopefully the first of many events dedicated to the new world of the iPad and other tablets, Joe Zeff, D.W. Pine, Neil Jamieson, Michael Lawton and Peter Herbert shared their lessons learned in this new frontier.

A few thoughts that stood out to me: 

Make It Happen
As D.W. Pine pointed out, don't think you're crazy making a mock-up of some rumored tech coming down the pike. It might happen, and if you're the one staring the conversation, you can lead a new path.

There Are No Experts.
We're all forging new paths with these new platforms and making things up as we go. Joe Zeff: "There are no rules. There are no paths."
Paper to Pixels v2: Favorite Apps

Paper to Pixels v2: Favorite Apps

In advance of our first speaker series event dedicated to the iPad, we've asked our expert panel to submit their favorite apps. Here's a look at their fave design, news, and photo apps:

Design Apps
It's an interesting idea: taking web content and making it look like a designed magazine. hhhmmmm! -- D.W. Pine

Clean simple info graphics..plus you get the weather. 
Also like: 
 -- Michael Lawton and Peter Herbert

In my opinion the most successful magazine app on the iPad. The cells are beautifully composed, the diagrams and schematics are smart, entertaining and above all useful. The user experience is dynamic yet clear and the app is fun and easy to navigate. All this while maintaining brand consistency. --Neil Jameson

John Korpics' clean, crisp design aesthetic is perfectly suited for the iPad. --Joe Zeff
Paper to Pixels v2: Meet the Panel

Paper to Pixels v2: Meet the Panel

Coming up on Wednesday, September 22 at the Helen Mills Theater: Paper to Pixel v2: iPad Apps. Meet our panel and get your tickets now (after the jump)--they're going fast.

Neil Jamieson, People
When your brand generates a billion dollars annually and the print magazine has a circulation of over 3.5 million the challenges of creating an iPad version can be pretty daunting! Deputy Design Director Neil Jamieson explains how People launched their app from rough sketches to the app store in only 3 months. Thanks to lots of negotiation with Apple to get a game changing subscription model that makes the People app free to print subscribers the People app reached the dizzying heights of being #1 on iTunes' top free apps list for 2 whole weeks (suck it Pac Man!), and thanks to a seriously talented and hard working art department the People app continues to evolve week after week...with a little help from Katy Perry! 

Michael Lawton and Peter Herbert, Popular Mechanics
Michael and Peter's involvement with tablets and e-ink technology began almost two years ago working on various top-secret prototypes for Hearst. In fact you could say that Popular Mechanics has become the R&D department for the publisher. PM is filled with tech geeks so if something new is coming out there's a good chance Michael (DD) and Peter (Senior AD) are building something for it. For the iPad, Hearst's directive from the start was to build an App entirely in-house with minimal staff increases, putting this tag team's hands in every part of the prototype.

D.W. Pine, TIME
How do you take an 86-year-old iconic brand and transform it into a youthful upstart? Design Director D.W. Pine will show us how TIME kept its mission of clean, visual storytelling while becoming one of the first publications to launch on the iPad--and how they manage to do it every week!

Joe Zeff, Joe Zeff Design
Joe and his studio, Joe Zeff Design, have been focused on the iPad since its announcement. They have partnered with Dr. Mario Garcia to advise publishing clients internationally on iPad development and Joe has spoken at the Poynter Institute of Media Studies on iPad business models for publishers, and integration strategies for mobile developers. The studio is working with Touch Press, publisher of The Elements, and PepsiCo on iPad projects, in addition to its robust portfolio of editorlal work, which includes app covers for TIME and Fortune.


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