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SOLD OUT -- Bloomberg Businessweek: Process

SOLD OUT -- Bloomberg Businessweek: Process

An evening with CD Richard Turley and the visual team of Bloomberg Businessweek.

On Thursday, April 21st, please join us at the offices of Bloomberg Businessweek where Creative Director Richard Turley, Design Director Cindy Hoffman, Director of Photography David Carthas, Information Graphics Director Jennifer Daniels and the creative team behind the Bloomberg relaunch of Businessweek will take us behind-the-scenes for a look at work that is smart and serious, from a team that knows how magazines are made.

As our very own Bob Newman wrote in GRIDS back in November,
When Bloomberg Businessweek launched their redesign (and re-imagination) of the magazine at the end of April, the response from the publication design community was somewhat underwhelming. The first couple covers were solid but not remarkable, the insides were crisply formatted but a bit overstuffed, and the imagery had yet to find its full voice.

It's time to take another look. In the succeeding months, the new design has grown and matured into a remarkable visual package. Week after week, creative director Richard Turley and his crew are producing stunning covers and features, along with tightly formatted interior pages that rival New York for their texture, density, creativity, and attention to detail. This is state-of-the-art magazine design, with highly-original and intelligent photos, graphics, and illustrations. It's a look that fuses the formatting brilliance of New York and the smart visual approach of The New York Times Magazine, with a hierarchy and architecture lifted from the best British and European publications (the Guardian chief among them). Most impressively, Businessweek has a high level of visual intelligence, challenging its readers, pushing the boundaries of traditional newsweekly and business magazine design. ...

Tickets and all info after the jump...
Speakeasy West: Illustration's Unsung Heroes

Speakeasy West: Illustration's Unsung Heroes

We can't stay away! We hope you're in the LA area on Thursday, March 24th and can join us at Smashbox West Hollywood for another amazing gathering of the coolest creatives around, a night of Right Brain talent on the Left Coast, presented by Charlie Hess, Lisa Thackaberry and Carol LeFlufy. This time we're focusing on the bright lights of the illustration world, with David Armario, Lou Beach, Jim Heimann, Brian Rea and InJu Sturgeon introducing some of the top-notch, unsung illustrators they have spotted as the ones to watch (but you have to be there to meet these Unsung Heroes!). You'll be amazed at the work on display, not to mention you'll beef up your own rolodex with our Unsung Heroes and also the connections you'll make with the creatives in the audience. Cool inspiration, cocktails and homemade Mexican food, and an amazing group of people. All details and RSVP info after the jump... … MORE

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