SPDWest@SMASHBOX: Unsung Heroes of the American West 6

SPDWest@SMASHBOX: Unsung Heroes of the American West 6

We love LA! For the sixth time Smashbox Studios is hosting another raucous evening of brilliant presenters, smart ideas and lots of sun-soaked inspiration.  Come and join us on Thursday, October 4th at 6:30 pm - VENUE CHANGE TO SMASHBOX CULVER CITY

This will be another fine evening of Cali talent. David ArmarioLawrence AzerradArt Streiber, and Everard Williams will be presenting an eclectic mix of Unsung Heroes. Be there to find out who inspires these top West Coast talents -- it's a secret til the night of the party!

So don't miss this stellar night of Right Brain thinking on the Left Coast, hosted by Charlie Hess, Lisa Thackaberry, Carol LeFlufy, Heidi Volpe, and David Armario.

6:30 cocktails. 7:30 presentations. Followed by more cocktails and more mingling. RSVP now to guarantee your place at the party.

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