It's the Final Countdown!

For those of you who have somehow missed it:

The Student Design Competition
Deadline is MONDAY.

As in, THIS COMING MONDAY. As in 3 measly days from now. As in March 2, 5pm. If your stuff isn't in our office by 5 pm this coming Monday, March 2 (did we mention the deadline is Monday?), then your entry will not be part of this year's competition. No excuses, no extensions. Welcome to the real world of deadlines!

Have other questions? Most of them can be probably answered here. And if not, email us at

Need inspiration? Check out the recent winners in the link above. Or check out last year's winners of our professional competition here. Or check out the Design Archives on the AIGA site, specifically the Editorial Design category.

Good luck!

And P.S. We have a great event coming up on March 16 from 12:30 to 5pm here in NYC, so mark your calendars and check back next week for all the details!

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