So You Think You Can Start A Magazine?

We assume that as readers of our SPD blog, the idea of starting your own magazine has crossed your mind at some point. Maybe it's just a random fleeting thought from time to time, or maybe you're more hard-core and already have your first issue fully-designed. Either way, you'll probably find the following link very interesting:

Cara Brower and her friend Rachel also had the brilliant idea of starting their own magazine. So they did ... or at least, they tried. Read all about their experience here. It's the Essay titled "Collected Matter: Adventures in Magazineland".

And check out all the other articles on that site too ... they're all part of a book called Never Sleep, by 2 somewhat-recent grads, all about the transition from design school to the real world. In addition to excerpts from the book and some great essays, the book's website ( also has a great Q&A section about interviews and portfolios. And the authors even give lectures and classes.

Do you know of some other great books, websites, blogs or the like that give great advice and insight into the school-to-real world transition? Email 'em to us at and we'll feature them in a future post. Or simply share them here by commenting below.
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