Up Close with our Second Honorable Mention

Up Close with our Second Honorable Mention Katie Kindinger is a sophomore at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Her entry was named Second Honorable Mention in this year's Student Design Competition, earning her an internship at Glamour magazine!

Click "more" below for her complete entry and her thoughts on how she came up with her winning idea.


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UNIVERSITY Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design
YEAR Sophomore
PROFESSOR Danielle Gagliano

What was your inspiration in creating your entry?
I would have to say my childhood. I grew up playing with Legos and thought they were one of the greatest toys out there. I have always loved creating things and Legos gave me an outlet for my imagination. I still think they are awesome and was happy I got to play with them as I made this layout!

What was the biggest challenge in creating your entry?
The biggest challenge was making it playful, yet somewhat technical to go with the theme that I chose. I wanted it to be colorful and fun to show the toy side of Legos, but also communicate the idea of what a great invention they are and how people have created really incredible things with them.

Do you participate in any publication--or design-related campus activities?
I help run my campus' AIGA group.

What are your favorite magazines?
Thats hard to say, there are so many... Architectural Digest, National Geographic, ReadyMade, In Style, Wired...

What do you want to do while in New York for your internship?
Take lots of pictures!

Wanna know more about our annual competition?
Click here for this past year's rules and info. Next year's competition and deadline will be similar, so get those brainstorms going!

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