Up Close with our Third Honorable Mention

Up Close with our Third Honorable Mention That 3-D look isn't just for effect ... it actually works with a pair of 3-D glasses: just one of the many reasons that Anthony Cruz, a junior at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, is the winner of our Third Honorable Mention. (You may recognize his name, as he was the Second-Place winner in last year's competition.)

Click "more" below to see his complete entry and to read his thoughts and tips on how he came up with his winning ideas.

(Click on the above spread for a larger version)

UNIVERSITY American Academy of Art, Chicago
YEAR Junior
CATEGORY Entertainment

What was your inspiration in creating your entry?
My inspiration naturally stemmed from Lady Gaga's music. However, when I first began, my inspiration came from that whole "pop music" scene. It's funny because I generally don't listen to that type of music, but it was fun designing with it in mind.

What was the biggest challenge in creating your entry?
The hardest thing in creating my entry was the 3D effect. It's not there for show--if you look at it with those classic red and blue 3D glasses, the spreads become something else and reveal more information. When creating the entry, I had to constantly put on glasses and take them off because the design had to work with or without them. It added a whole new element I had to be aware of at all times.

Having been a winner in last year's competition as well, do you have any tips to share for students entering our future competitions?
One of the best things you can do for this competition is research. See what's out there. Find what worked, what was unique, and what stood out to you. It doesn't necessarily have to pertain to magazines either.

Also, don't forget to use peer/instructor input. It's always good to get another person's perspective from time to time, even if you don't agree.

And my last tip, don't be afraid to try something new. Take a chance if you feel like it would work. If you're second-guessing yourself, you could always send in more than one entry...

Wanna know more about our annual competition?
Click here for this past year's rules and info. Next year's competition and deadline will be similar, so get those brainstorms going!
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