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More Job Hunt Advice

More Job Hunt Advice

That's some of the advice from a top creative director in this post about what she's looking for when she hires, over on Coroflot's Creative Seeds blog. Obviously that type of work doesn't really pay all the bills, so if you're still in school, it's probably smart to make a conscious effort to save up some money to allow you to take those kinds of jobs once you do graduate.

And if you don't know about Coroflot already, check it out! It's for all types of designers, not just editorial, but it's definitely useful ... there's a job board, you can post your portfolio, and their blog Creative Seeds has lots more great job-hunt advice. Here's a few of our favorites:
Michael DiTullo's Advice to Design Students
Five Successful Practices for New Grads
Six Reasons Why I Didn't Look at Your Portfolio
Is Networking Creepy?

Tips for the Hunt

Sorry that all you upcoming and recent grads are coming into the real world at such a very depressing time in the magazine industry and in the economy. But here's some help:

In addition to the informative essays and FAQs on the site we previously mentioned, check out TwentyFourSeven. It's an e-book you can download for free written by Adam Gravely expressly for graduating designers. He's compiled lots of interviews with top designers about their job and career advice, and combines it with essays on the real-world design experience. Check it out.

And good luck.

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