How to Deal with that Internship-for-Credit-Only Thing

If you're a recent grad, you may notice there's a lot more internship opportunities than jobs out there right now, but that most of those internships require that you get school credit for it. Even if you're still in school, those extra credits can cost extra money that few of us have these days. So what's an aspiring magazine designer or photo editor to do?

Well, Ed2010 has some tips on creative workarounds for the situation. Yours truly was able to do their internship as an "Independent Study" course so that it was part of the regular semester's credits and didn't cost any extra. And we know several ambitious youngsters who delayed their official diploma date by a semester or two in order to eke out a few more months of credit-only internships. Got any tips of your own to share? Feel free to post below, or send 'em to us at

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