Smart Quote #2: Internships Work

"If you want to be involved in the magazine industry in any capacity, whether it be photo research, fashion or editorial, start interning while in college! Take it seriously. An internship isn't a full-time job, but it is a very good way of setting a foundation. If you are a hard worker and approach your internship in a professional manner, people will see that and be more willing to hire you rather than sift through a stack of résumés."
--Kathryn Hurni, Photo Research Editor, W magazine, as quoted in a December 2008 interview

That's what Kathryn Hurni of W magazine says when asked for advice for aspiring photo editors in this interview with her and Mardi Miski, photo assistant at Teen Vogue. Don't forget to sign up by midnight tonight for Thurdsay's Pub Crawl if you want to hear more from Kathryn and the rest of the W magazine staff about how the magazine comes together and what you can do to get a job like theirs.

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