Smart Quote #1: Join the Community

Learn from colleagues: Belong to professional associations; enter contests; read FOLIO: and attend conventions. --Ruth Thaler-Carter, as quoted in the fall 2008 issue of FPO Magazine

Ruth Thaler-Carter may be a writer and not a designer, but that's good advice for any field. Here's our two cents to make it a little more designer-friendly...

In addition to joining SPD (which you've already done, right?) and entering our annual Student Design Competition (you do that too, right?) and attending our events like the upcoming Pub Crawl on Sept. 24, it's a great idea to look into other design and magazine/publishing associations ... AIGA, ASME and SND are 3 we can think of off the top of our head. Almost all hold events and competitions.

And speaking of competitions, let's not forget the design industry magazines who offer great content as well as opportunities like competitions and conventions: Print, HOW, Communication Arts and Graphis, just to name a few. But being the savvy design student that you are, you read those already of course. Well, what about FOLIO: as mentioned in the quote? Or FPO magazine? Both are publishing industry magazines that will give you a lot of great insight and background on what you're about to get into.

Speaking of great insight, we can't forget the value of blogs and websites: you are reading our blog, after all. Ed2010 is a great resource for magazine staff wannabes, MagCulture is one of many magazine design-focused blogs, and A Photo Editor keeps you in the know about editorial photography. And that's only the beginning, the list is practically endless.

As a designer, you're obviously interested in learning all you can about design. But the more you can learn about magazines and publishing too, whether design-related or not, the better candidate you will be for magazine design jobs. 

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