Smart Quote #8: the Art of Magazine-Making

Smart Quote #8: the Art of Magazine-Making "There are many different views on what constitutes the perfect sequence of subjects or the rhythm of a magazine... The classic form is quite like that of a grand opera. You whet the appetite with the overture... Next the opera may introduce us to shorter passages and fragments of melodies, building up to the climax of a great aria... .

  In order to explain their own principles of design and methods of composition, many designers compare their work to other fields. [Neville] Brody, for instance, refers to examples from architecture, and says that he tried to base his design for The Face on town planning, guiding his reader through the magazine with signposts and, at particular points, with open spaces. ...
    Alexey Brodovitch compared his double-page spreads in Harper's Bazaar to film sequences... . Willy Fleckhaus used the image of a well-stocked table, a buffet from which readers could serve themselves... The basic menu of hors d'oeuvre, main dish, and dessert is certainly appropriate for the layout of many magazines."
--Horst Moser

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This passage is taken from the chapter "Sketching" in the book Surprise Me:Editorial Design by Horst Moser. The book is broken down into the various elements of magazine design and is a showcase for numerous examples of each element. A great introduction to editorial design as well as a great source of inspiration for a designer of any genre and any experience level.

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