Smart Quote #12: Hard Work and Luck

Smart Quote #12: Hard Work and Luck Knowing what we wanted from design and having an idea of where we wanted to take our careers was huge. If you don't know what you want it's easy to end up designing credit cards, or the phone book. Creating goals big or small is a good way to avoid settling.

Also we are good at presenting ourselves. If you can't sell yourself and your ideas you will end up working for someone who can sell them for you.

Then comes luck. Luck doesn't seem to strike if you are sitting around smoking weed and tripping off your screen saver. When you work hard people will notice and in turn you will get better opportunities and be surrounded by like-minded people.

--Andre Andreev and G. Dan Covert

The above paragraphs are in response to the question "Are Great Designers Born or Made?" ... a question proposed by students like you to the authors of Never Sleep, a book about the transition from college to the professional world. Check out more great questions on their site here. And hear more from them this Thursday in their live DesignCast online session.

Got questions of your own like those? Then email us! We'll then post your question and our answer here.

And speaking of working hard, why not get started on your Student Design Competition entry!

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