Smart Quote #16: What's Your Passion?

Smart Quote #16: What's Your Passion?
I think a good way to figure out your passions is to look at what you do when you're procrastinating from everything else. --Jessica Hische

That quote (and the above art--our little way of saying Happy Holidays) comes from the FAQ page of designer/illustrator/typographer/etc Jessica Hische. If you're a frequenter of design/craft blogs, you've probably seen links to her Daily Drop Cap blog. She's done a ton of other great work, and she's a young'un too! Featured in Print, Communication Arts, STEP and by the Art Director's Club in their Young Guns competition, she's made quite a name for herself despite having graduated only 3 years ago in 2006. Check out her entire FAQ page for some awesome insight into design school, entering the real world and making a name for yourself.

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