Smart Quote #14: DO Stuff

Smart Quote #14: DO Stuff "Therein lies the best career advice I could possibly dispense: just DO things. Chase after the things that interest you and make you happy. Stop acting like you have a set path, because you don't. No one does. You shouldn't be trying to check off the boxes of life; they aren't real and they were created by other people, not you. There is no explicit path I'm following, and I'm not walking in anyone else's footsteps. I'm making it up as I go."
--Charlie Hoehn

He's not a designer and he's not even in magazines. In fact, he's just a 23-year-old kid who made great stuff happen for himself even in this economy. Want to know how he went from no-job to getting multiple offers and turning down work? Then check out his e-book/slideshow "The Recession-Proof Graduate: Charlie Hoehn's Guide to Getting Any Job Within A Year of Finishing College". Check out the discussion going on in the comments as well. His blog also provides more insight and thought into circumventing the job-search system and creating your own luck. 

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