Vocab Lesson 13: Shipping

Vocab Lesson 13: Shipping

No, this is not a post on how to get your holiday gifts to their recipients on time. And it's not even about the process of magazines being shipped out to their subscribers. Shipping in magazine-speak is why your magazine friends can't do dinner this week ... it's deadline time!

Officially, the word shipping describes the process of sending the magazine pages to the printer; in other words, it's the magazine's deadline. It used to be that meant actually FedEx-ing or express mailing the page proofs and files, but these days, it typically means uploading high-res PDF files.

But shipping also refers to the time it takes for those pages to go through the final editing and production steps before being sent out, which is usually the week or two before the final printer deadline (or days if it's a weekly publication). This time period/process is also referred to as closing, and when a page is done, you'd say that page is shipped or closed. And of course in our era of abbreviations, you'll often hear it simply called ship. That often translates into last-minute changes, stressful days and late nights ... kinda like the end-of-the-semester for you students.

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