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Student Competition Q&A: Who's Eligible?

Q.jpgRegarding the 2010 Student Competition, can graduate students submit work? I am in an MFA program and just wanted to make sure. And while we're on the topic, what about high school students?


Job-Hunt Help Event TODAY!

Our HELP WANTED event is this afternoon, but you must register by 10am this morning to attend. Check out all the details here.

Looking for a Job or Internship?

Don't forget to check out our Job Board here on SPD.org ... just today 2 new jobs were posted for junior-level designers. And they're not all only magazine design jobs. So keep an eye on it and apply!

Want to know how to actually get those jobs? Then attend our HELP WANTED event this coming Tuesday in NYC. We'll be addressing everything from portfolios to the interview to thank you notes. For those of you NOT in the city, send us your job hunt-related questions and we'll get our panel to answer them and post them here on the blog. Registration closes at 10am Tuesday morning and space is limited, so sign up now to reserve your spot!

Student Competition Q&A: The Internships

Q.jpgIt says one of the prizes in the Student Design Competition is an internship. When and where does that take place exactly? And is there housing included?

Smart Quote #17: Energy

Smart Quote #17: Energy

"ENERGY. It's 75% of the job. If you haven't got it, be nice." --Paul Arden

One of the world's greatest advertising creatives, Paul Arden (1940-2008) shares the above advice, wisdom and more in his book "It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be.".

"Smart Quote" is a recurring feature on the SPD Student Blog ... look for more wise words every Monday, or see past ones here. Got an inspiring or motivating quote to share? Email it to us at spdstudentoutreach@gmail.com.
Get Job-Hunt Help TODAY!

Get Job-Hunt Help TODAY!

Are you a current student or recent grad looking for an editorial design or photo editing job? Then this is the event for you! Sign up by 10am this morning!… MORE

Happy New Year!

It's back to work for us worker bees, and we're gearing up for a great and busy spring both here on the blog and event-wise.

First up is our Jan. 19th HELP WANTED event where we will answer all your job-search-related questions. Registration is now open (click here) and space is limited, so sign up now!

And don't forget about the March 8 deadline for our Student Design Competition! For those of you still on break, that's a great chance to get a head-start on your entry(ies). Check out some recent FAQs we've addressed here, here and here.

For those of you in the NYC area or coming here for the CMA College Media Convention in mid-March, you can mark your calendars now for our annual SPD-U March Madness event on March 15.

And keep coming back here for more great posts and details on the above events and more. Enjoy the rest of your break while we professionals silently wish we were back in college just for the time off. Happy 2010!

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