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Competition Tips: Wrap-Up

So now you've got all the right elements on your spreads and you know what you need to do with them (thanks to our week of tips and advice) ... now you just need some divine inspiration, right? Well, check out some of the links and suggestions below. … MORE

Competition Tips: Part 5

Unless you've been under a rock lately, you likely know our Student Design Competition deadline is fast approaching. Here's some more tips to keep in mind as you perfect your entries!

Competition Tips: Part 4

Have we mentioned that the deadline for our Student Design Competition is coming soon? Find out all about it and download the entry form here, and read on for some last-minute tips...


Competition Tips: Part 3

You've read our previous Student Design Competition Tips posts (here and here), right? And you're aware that the Student Design Competition deadline is coming soon (early March!!)? Well, read on for more advice...


Competition Tips: Part 2

So you've started your Student Design Competition entries by now, right? Well, whether you're done or haven't even begun, we've got more great tips for you today. Get all the nitty-gritty details and download the entry form here. But now, onto Competition Tips, Part Deux...… MORE

Competition Tips: Part 1

Whether you're just about done with your Student Design Competition entries, or you've barely even started, we've got some secret tips and advice. Be sure to check the blog and Facebook page for more info as the early March deadline approaches! Now, onto the first set of tips...


Competition Countdown

In case you haven't noticed, it's almost the end of February. And in case you haven't noticed, our Student Design Competition deadline is Monday, March 8. That's, like, only about 2 weeks away. Yeah. Time flies. 

So what's an ambitious yet procrastinating student to do? Well, aside from sacrificing some sleep, you can keep checking this little bloggie here all week long to get some last-minute tips and advice. In the meantime, make sure you've downloaded the entry form and read through all the details and Frequently-Asked Questions here. And if you have any other questions, be sure to email us at spdstudentoutreach@gmail.com. Oh, and don't forget you can pay any entry fees online ... do that here.
Join Our March (Design) Madness!

Join Our March (Design) Madness!

Registration for this event has closed as of 5pm, 3/12/10.

Forget UCLA, UNC and LSU ... SPD-U is the only sure bet when it comes to March Madness. Join us Monday, March 15 for an afternoon of bracket-busting events in publication design and art direction! Like last year, we've got a top-notch lineup of topics and presenters, all there to give YOU the edge in your design work and job-searching. All the details after the jump...

What Does a Photo Producer Do?

What Does a Photo Producer Do?

I'm always curious about how people end up doing what they're doing. Not all of us have a clear path mapped out while we're in school, and so a first job is often the place where careers begin to take shape. Such was the case for Melissa Barry, a photo and art producer at SpotCo, who I've watched grow from an intern in cargo pants and flip flops to a whip-cracking deal maker, negotiating photo shoots and making sure we have our illustration contracts in order. So I asked her to share some of her insights with us...… MORE
Think We Better Give You a Reminder

Think We Better Give You a Reminder

2010 is moving fast, and so are we, so a few reminders about upcoming events:

If you're in the NYC area next Tuesday night, then buy tickets now to attend the next SPD Speakeasy with graphic designer Paul Sahre. As a student, you get a discounted rate, and in addition to hearing an inspiring speaker, you'll get the chance to do a little socializing and networking ... you never know who'll be standing or sitting beside you!

You've now got just over a month until our Student Design Competition deadline on March 8th. Be sure to check out all the rules and details here. There's money, internships and fame to be had, so enter now!!

Make sure Monday, March 15th is on your calendar for our SPD-U March Madness event here in NYC as part of the National College Media Convention. It's a half-day magazine design bootcamp covering everything from typographers' quotes to career advice. All the details coming soon.

If you're a photographer type, check out all the info on our Student Photography Competition. Entries for that are due March 29th.

More Job-Hunt Advice

To build on Sarah Garcea's advice from our recent Help Wanted event, fellow panelist John Walker shares some advice of his own:

Give yourself assignments for your portfolio to fill in any areas that might be weak or which you don't have enough examples. Want to do publication design? Design some spreads! Web design? Homepages! You get the clue. Get a friend to do the same, for encouragement and critiquing. Do one a week, and in six weeks you'll have SIX new portfolio pieces! Anyone looking at your portfolio will then be impressed that you have done extra work, and that you really want to work! --John Walker, Walker Design

Did You Miss Our "Help Wanted" Event?

A few weeks back, we held a speaker panel event to help answer some of your job-hunt questions. If you missed it, check out one of our panelists' advice below, and mark your calendars for another career advice event on March 15 ... keep reading for all the details.


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