Our March Madness Pick: SPD-U

Our March Madness Pick: SPD-U Yeah, we know, you're still recovering from getting your Student Design Competition entries done on time ... well, get ready for another jolt of energy at our SPD-U March (Design) Madness event. Next Monday, March 15th, we've got 4 terrific sessions covering all the elements of editorial design. 

Seen all those cool posts of old magazines or alternative-newsweeklies on the SPD homepage? Well, those are courtesy of Robert Newman, and he'll be joining Ivylise Simones in a session on creativity. Want to know how all those gorgeous magazine photos happen? Our second session will fill you in on those details, followed by a tips-and-tricks design session courtesy of previous-panelist Stravinski Pierre. And to finish the day, we've got a panel of designers, photo editors and interactive media designers ready to give you the inside scoop on how to get a job.

Trust us, this is an event you don't want to miss! Registration closes at 5pm this Friday, so be sure you sign up now.

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