Pub Crawl Spotlight:
Tour C: Segal Savad & NYLON

Pub Crawl Spotlight: Tour C: Segal Savad & NYLON Our spring Pub(lications) Crawl event is this Friday, April 9, but you gotta sign up by tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 11:30. Find out all the details here, but read on for more info on the awesome mags from Tour C.

Segal Savad  •
Segal Savad has been producing world-class strategic design, powerful brand communication and highly effective advertising solutions for over ten years. When companies need exceptional communication, they come to us--again and again. We bring top-level expertise, fresh ideas and personal service to each and every project.

Nylon  •
Since its launch in 1999, NYLON magazine has been the reigning authority on fashion, music and beauty for the modern and intelligent young woman. With award-winning photography, groundbreaking design and a distinct editorial voice, NYLON extends beyond the pages of the publication and is celebrated as the definitive lens for cutting-edge style and emerging popular culture.

Sign up for this tour now! The event happens Friday, but the RSVP deadline is 11:30pm Tuesday night.
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